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Eshel, Architect of Ideas


Eshel was established more than a decade ago and started its activity to fulfill the Education and Architecture society requirements in maquette accessories. The firm has formed its actions by cognition and need creation, and has kept the act on the basis of training, parallel with the country's educational system. So, Eshel has stepped an organized pace in producing maquette accessories and succeeded in filling the voids of the market. In an action obsessed with the needs and interests of the architectural model builders, we started to produce 3-D Puzzles with an approach to representation of Persian architecture and history.   According to the aims of the Education Ministry of IRIB ,and its emphasis on practical work development by compiling new versions of Kar Va Fanavari books , Eshel succeeded in complying the needs of the target audiences by publishing Education Packages consisting of Educational soft-wares and required tools .


Eshel can be considered as a foundation of tools and methods supporting the audiences seeking their aims within the education and work procedure and also a mean to facilitate education and business proficiency attainment.Resources and Methods has always been the main principles of education and Eshel's key role in serving the students and teachers with practical approaches to gain interest and proficiency has been proved.

Covering and supplying domestic and foreign markets, including Turkey, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Afghanistan has proofed the popularity and leading role of Eshel within Middle East.


Eshel's Total Goals:

Eshel has paced on the perfection path and has always been trying to achieve greater goals. Eshel is interested in new actions and has always specifically acted in unique areas. Eshel's greatest superiority is summarized in not only selling its products but also enhancing culture, increasing knowledge the level of the country's Education.


Maquette Accessories

Today model making is not specified to a particular group of users but includes a variety of people of different ages ,starters and professionals. The idea behind making a model is to revise the whole layout and show it in a tangible scale. It is also considered as a new method for the students to understand their lessons in a better way. So Eshel by its experienced exports and employees is the leading supplier of maquette accessories within the country with a special care to harmony, high quality and vast variety of products which are specifically mentioned as the main characteristics of our products. Acquaintance the environment and scales, showing the ideas in a visible template, creativity creation and talent breeding are some of the purposes and advantages of Eshel products.



3-D Puzzles:

Educational brain games specially 3-D Puzzles, have a great effect on increasing IQ and creativity in the process of learning and training. According to the development of modern training methods, fitting with the needs of students of all grades, Eshel has designed and produced some 3-D Puzzles of Iranian historical, religious and modern monuments and places in a small scale.

Some characteristics of 3-D Puzzles are mentioned beneath:

  • Great attention to scale and size
  • Precision and elegance
  • Details and patterns are very close to the real models
  • Great attention to the Site Plan and accessories
  • Vast production and circulation in a short period

    Every package consists of two cardboard splays of the construction plan and a set of the required tools. And to Facilitate the execution, a DVD including an animation about the instructions is also attached to each package. Some points of 3-D Puzzles can be described as: cognition of volume and architecture, harmony of five senses, increasing the speed of mind processor, improving memory, promoting self-esteem and self-confidence of the user.



Educational Packages

Today students go to schools to change their potential abilities to the actuals which always the shortest and most effectful way is considered and it cannot come to real unless they use the right tools and facilities parallel with a good plan.

  • Creation of ambition, saving the time, better communication and understanding ,Emphasis on the practical sense of education , changing the classes to little workshops , are some targets of Educational Packages.
  • According to the importance of practical work and Educational Guidance, Eshel started to design and produce the Educational Packages fitting with the "Kar Va Fanavari" books of grades 7,8 and 9 of IRIB Education Organization. Since the textbooks mostly recommend a training method with a two-dimensional approach (reading and writing), The Educational Packages including soft wares and tools fit with the target books give every youngster the opportunity of using all of his or her 5 senses in the learning process. Each pack is specially designed to be used in a group of students or individually.



 The Main Characteristics and Specifications of Eshel Products





As a Leading Company in Maquette Accessories within the Middle East, Eshel has been Awarded For Many Times :





  •  Honor Statue of Best Industry Promoting Products of IRIB
  •  Honor Statue of Eminent Entrepreneurs of IRIB National Development,2012
  •  Honor Statue of Scientific Congress of Architecture Home, IRB 
  •  Award Statue of Elected Cultural Products with Persian-Islamic Pattern with an Approach to Creativity and Innovation in Design And Production, IRIB





Eshel Target Audiences:


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